2 June – For Kibera & Africa Shafted

Thurs, 2nd June

For Kibera | Kati Juurus | Kenya | 2015 | 60 min
The story a slum-dweller who becomes a radio personality, journalist and self-made cameraman: Boy Dallas of Kibera. The lm looks for answers to the complicated question: Why is it so hard to beat poverty? We learn the tough rules of slum life with Dallas as our guide. He notes the large amount of aid projects in his slum, Kibera, and he starts learning about the complicated mechanisms of aid. His learning process also becomes a learning process for his listeners.

* International Documentary Festival, Amsterdam 2015

Africa Shafted | Ingrid Martens | South Africa | 2011 | 56 min
Africa Shafted was lmed in Africa’s tallest residential building located in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa, that housed more than 4000 people. It gives you an honest glimpse at the tragic reality of xenophobia through the eyes of people from every corner of Africa living under one roof. It also conveys a powerful message that through dialogue and understanding, respect starts to take root.

* Winner Most Original Treatment Jury Award – Cinema Planeta Film Festival, Mexico 2012

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