‘AfriDocs’ presents DIFF 2016 live on [ED]

June 14, 2016

AfriDocs presents the official African premiere of Virunga

May 18, 2015

Virunga: conservation is no walk in the park

May 18, 2015

Join in the fun during AfriDocs music month

February 4, 2015

AfriDocs presents Africa Music Film Month

February 2, 2015

#TIA – African Music Film Month

February 2015

Don’t miss these African music docs on your telly!

January 30, 2015

Best Films on African Screens as the World talks Climate

December 8, 2014

Best Films on African Screens as the World talks Climate

December 4, 2014

World’s Best Climate Films Featured to Coincide With Lima Climate Talks

December 4, 2014

New Docs on South Africa Abound, But Local Network Can’t Air Them

October 31, 2014

Drawing on Africa to tell intriguing stories

Film Festival on Your Screen/DIFF NewsFeed 2014
http://www.mymusicafrica.com/2014/07/sub-­‐saharan-­‐africa-­‐film-­‐festival-­‐with.html http://www.scribd.com/doc/232792488/AfriDocs-­‐Film-­‐Week-­‐21-­‐27-­‐July-­‐2014
EAST AFRICA (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda)
http://www.ugandapicks.com/2014/07/god-­‐loves-­‐uganda-­‐film-­‐to-­‐be-­‐broadcast-­‐on-­‐ dstv-­‐july-­‐24th-­‐34486.html