Africa Shafted

An award winning timeless, universal documentary filmed entirely in the lifts of Africa’s tallest apartment: 8 lifts, 400 flats and 4400 people.

If South Africa is the economic hub of the continent, then Johannesburg is it’s bank vault; a magnet therefore, of migrants from all corners of the continent, searching for a better life – a slice of the “African dream”.  And planted in the heart of downtown Joburg, a majestic blip on it’s turbulent landscape, The Ponte – iconic, rotund, infamous, feared by most Jo’burgers  – Africa’s tallest apartment building, a towering 54 floors, housing 4,400 men, women an children.  Some South African, but many from across Africa’s vast borders, the Ponte is Little Africa.

Shot painstakingly over five years, until the expulsion of tenants for more lucrative property investment, and a month shy of South Africa’s xenophobic attacks, AFRICA SHAFTED: UNDER ONE ROOF harmoniously, humorously and lyrically, takes the viewer from the beyond the windows of a concrete tower, revealing the humanity behind this often misunderstood and reviled community.

Africa Shafted | Ingrid Martens | South Africa | 2011 | 56 min


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