A Love Apart & Ladies Turn 9 June 2016 Promo 1:00 min

A Love Apart | Bettina Haasen| Niger | 2007 | 52 min
Rhaissa is a 17 year old Tuareg girl who lives a nomadic life in the Air-mountains. She is about to marry, but it is an arranged marriage, where two families decide hereby to increase their social bounds. The lm follows the whole ceremony of preparing and completing the marriage. An intimate inside-look into Tuareg life and the story of a special wedding.
* Jade Kunlun Award – 2008 World Mountain Documentary Festival, China

Ladies Turn | Hélène Harder | Senegal | 2012 | 52 min
In 2009, in Senegal, where “football is king,” a women’s football street tournament is organised for the rst time by the association Ladies’ Turn. Despite the passionate commitment of Seyni, the former captain of the women’s national team, and of the women and men that ght at her side, the game is far from won. Defying taboos and prejudices, the girls play on the elds for a growing audience. Will they be allowed to go all the way and play the game they love?
* Best Feature Film – Feminist Film Festival, London 2012