District Zero and Wade, Get Out 15 Sept 2016 Promo 1:00 min

District Zero | Pablo Iraburu, Jorge Fernández, Pablo Tosco | Jordan | 2015 | 52 min
District Zero tells the story of a Syrian refugee, Maamun, who lives in Jordan’s Zaatari camp. He runs a mobile phone-and-print shop. Through his work, he helps his fellow refugees to connect to their loved ones still in Syria and produces prints of their memories stored in the photographs on their mobile phones. This documentary uses the mobile phones of the people in the camps to bring the reality of the lives of the refugees to the public.
*Vittoria Film Festival Best Documentary award, 2015
*2015 Sheffield Doc/Fest – Grand Jury Award

Wade, Get Out | Aida Grovestins | Senegal | 2014 | 45 mins
The film follows Y’en a Marre (We’re Fed Up), a collective of rappers and journalists from Dakar’s inner city, that join forces to mobilize the Senegalese youth to revolt and register to vote Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade out of power in the 2012 elections. By using animations over the live action footage, the dark atmosphere of the tension hanging over the city is subtly highlighted.