Rewind 14 April 2016 Promo 1:00 min

Rewind | | Liza Key | 2009 | South Africa | 54 min

In 2006 South African composer Philip Miller created a cantata to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the hearings held by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. This documentary is a mix of segments from the hearings, interviews, news archive footage, and extracts from the April 2008 Market Theatre performance of Philip Miller’s Rewind: a cantata for voice, tape, and testimony.

South African Film and Television Award for Documentary Feature, 2010

The Unfolding of Sky | Antjie Krog, Ronelle Loots | 1998 | South Africa | 26 min

A poet and journalist who has reported on the hearings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission shares her journey into South Africa’s heart of darkness, and is shown the gradual light of freedom.

From the Ashes | Karen Boswall | 1999 | Mozambique | 26 min

This film gives us a window onto the traditional approach to reconciliation in Mozambique following the sixteen year civil war which ended in 1992.