Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars and Weather Gods 29 Sept 2016 Promo 1:00 min

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars | Zach Niles, Banker White | Guinea | 2005 | 78 min
We meet musicians at the Sembakounya refugee camp in Guinea, men displaced by civil war in Sierra Leone. Reuben and Franco started the group, called the Refugee All Stars Band. They became refugees in June 1997, thinking they might be there for six months or a year. Years later, the All Stars have additional members. Reuben, Franco, and Arihim talk about what the band means: entertainment and, as Franco says, a chance to forget a bit. We see adults and children dancing.

Documentary Award – AFI Fest 2005

Weather Gods | Rehad Desai | South Africa, Kenya, Mali | 2011 | 32 min
Global temperatures are rising. And the African Continent is where they are felt most intensively. Unless a legally binding international agreement to reduce carbon emissions is put in place very soon, temperatures will soar. And Africa will be set to burn. Already we see the effects of global warming as drought, oods and famine stalk our land with an increased intensity. African farmers and pastoralists are battling adversities unseen in living memory. This lm explores how three rural communities in South Africa, Kenya and Mali are experiencing these shifts in their daily lives.