Soweto, Times of Wrath 27 April 2017 AfriDocs on BET Promo 1:00 min

Soweto, Times of Wrath | Siphamandla Bongwana, Stanford Gibson, Nduduzo Shandu, Jerry Obakeng Gaegane, Asanda Kupa, Gontse More | South Africa | 2016 | 60 min

Soweto, Times of Wrath shows us fractured, de ant re ections that once seen, cannot be unseen. Here is a film that demands that we, the sleeping, wake up and attend to the restless, those excluded from the so-called South African Dream. “What am I in South Africa? I have voted!”, shouts an illegal miner as police fire warning shots. Captured by a sextet of young Sowetans, these snapshots present a country whose people are angry and wearied by endemic corruption.
*Encounters International Film Festival 2016