Waiting for Men & Sarabah 11 August 2016 Promo 1:00 min

Waiting for Men | Katy Lena Ndiaye | Mauritania | 2008 | 56 min
In the red city of Oulata, on the far edge of the Sahara desert, an alien world exists. Men travel long distances for work and are away for months. But three women refuse to let their lives stop whilst the men are away. They paint beautiful patterns on the city walls, play games and speak refreshingly about what it means to be women waiting for men. Theirs is a magical world, breaking many of the stereotypes we associate with the region. Beautiful and haunting, like the vast desert that is their home.

Sarabah | Maria Luisa Gambale, Gloria Bremer, Steven Lawrence | Senegal | 2010 | 59 min
Sister Fa is a trailblazing Senegalese singer and activist on the rise. The first successful female rapper in Dakar’s fiercely competitive hip hop scene, Sister Fa fights to stop the practise of female genital cutting. Angelique Kidjo 52

Winner, Golden Butterfly, Movies That Matter Festival, 2011