Sonita | | | | 91 min

Sonita is an 18-year-old female, an undocumented Afghan illegal immigrant living in the poor suburbs of Tehran. She is a feisty, spirited, young woman who  fights to live the way she wants, as an artist, singer, and musician in spite of all her obstacles she confronts in Iran and her conservative patriarchal family. In harsh contrast to her goal is the plan of her family – strongly advanced by her mother – to make her a bride and sell her to a new family. The price right now is about US$ 9.000.


Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival 2015 IDFA Audience Award

Biografilm Festival 2016, Best Debut Film

Camden International Film Festival 2016, Audience Award

Cinema Eye Honors Awards, US 2017


Documentary Edge Festival 2016, Best International Feature – Special Mention

East End Film Festival, UK 2016, Best Documentary

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 2016, Center for Documentary Studies Filmmaker Award

IndieLisboa International Independent Film Festival 2016, Audience Award

Mammoth Lakes Film Festival 2016, Jury Award, Jury Award

Melbourne International Film Festival 2016

Millennium Docs Against Gravity 2016, Millennium Award – Special Mention

Montclair Film Festival (MFF) 2016, World Cinema Audience Award, Special Jury Prize

Munich International Documentary Festival (DOK.fest) 2016, SOS-Kinderdörfer Award

Portland International Film Festival 2016, Audience Award, Best Documentary

Sarasota Film Festival 2016, Audience Award, Best in World Cinema

Sheffield International Documentary Festival 2016 Sheffield Youth Jury Award

Sundance Film Festival 2016 Audience Award, World Cinema – Documentary & Grand Jury Prizem- World Cinema – Documentary