In the Shadow of the Sun

In the Shadow of the Sun


In the Shadow of the Sun | | | | 84 min

In Tanzania, witch doctors still propagate the belief that the body parts of albino people will bring wealth and good fortune. Against the background of a series of brutal murders of albinos, two albino men fight for their rights: Josephat has spent most of his life campaigning against anti-albino discrimination and confronting communities with their murderous deeds, and  fifteen-year-old Vedastus is smart and creative, but his poor eyesight is an obstacle to academic progress.


WINNER One World Media Award Best Documentary Award 2013

 WINNER Cleveland International Film Festival 2013 (Greg Gund Standing Up To Award)

 RUNNER UP Audience Award International Documentary Festival Amsterdam 2012

 Hot Docs 2013 (Top 15 Audience Award)